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some sad news. I tryed to add commands by the serach-drop-down. But also there are not any actions availible.
Really strange, because other stuff works, like materials and so on. I would say, we don´t need any icons for commands /
functions / nodes. As in the material editor, just “names” that defines the nodes. A Simple drop-down-menu, thats it.

Blender / Blender-user needs AddOns. A usual case. Therefore a Blenderfork, like Bforartists should support, or lets say
should be compatible like the original Blender. Otherwise the split / difference between them can get to big. And users maybe don´t see rich benefits for themselfs, if they have to choose between compatiblility or a clean UI. I know, its easy said from me, but its just my opinion ;-) . Of course, great work from you / your team on Bforartists. Hope Blender-Foundation supports you somehow !