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I want to know how you make icon in Bforartists as position, draw icon in UI, etc… ?

Icons are located in  releasedatafiles in the blender_icons.svg. The list of available icons is stored in sourceblendereditorsinclude in the UI_icons.h file. That’s where you define them.

To add new icons, or to apply changes or modifications at the icons, you have to run the blender_icons_update.py file from the console after you have done the changes in the files. This creates and/or updates the dat files in the  blender_icons16 and blender_icons32 folders. This dat files is what gets compiled into the binary then.

And then you simply have to compile Blender / Bforartists :)

To use the icons in the UI you need one of its elements. A button for example. It has already a place in the tag where you can display the icon then.

For example, this tag here adds a button in the tool shelf with the Mirror icon.

col.operator(“transform.mirror”, icon=’TRANSFORM_MIRROR’, text=”Mirror”)

I mean in Blender look like Softimage.

You simply can’t do that :)

You would need to rewrite Blender/Bforartists to implement another UI solution. And then you would loose all the addons. Which is fatal, since even the renderer Cycles is an addon. What can be done is some modifications, in the bounds of the Blender UI solution.

Where i can find Tracker ?

At Github :)