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Welcome threedslider :)

Every help is of course welcome. I can set your account to developer if you want.

I am not so much interested in making Bforartists look like anything existing. That would be too much contradicting UI solutions anyways. What i am interested in is to improve the UI and the usability in general. Step by step. And it must be manageable.

But every idea is welcome. Please make a tracker entry when you find something to improve :)

Note that the development at the master is currently stopped until mid of august. That’s when Blender 2.8 will arrive, and thats’ when we decide how to proceed. Makes no sense to do every task twice. But you can always make a branch and toy around with some first changes. Just tell me if you want to, and i’ll invite you to the repository so that you can create your branch.

When you have a question, just ask. I do my best to help you then :)

Kind regards