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From the looks of it, the Toolbar is taking after BFA – icons that can toggle and resize in a toolshelf, with some extra oomph. BFA may need to add more tools and use it’s own icon set to be consistent with rest of UI. I assume many tools in headers won’t be in the toolshelf – and will need to be placed there some way or another. Hopefully they still keep some of the tab system from 2.79 – but iconize them also. Fingers crossed.

The layout switching will be updated to 2.8, taking after a concept in BFA – quick switch of layout on mouseover in a header row, with extra creation/deletion. Another victory and less work for BFA. BFA may need to figure out how to fix the default creation proposals or start with some layouts already built on default. We’ll see what they finally do. 

The render engine placement is taking after BFA, so that’s less work. But the properties panels and advanced zip menus may still be needed.

The headers will still be a mess – BFA will still need to move these to the properties shelves and clean up the menu entries.

The iconization will still need to be ported, hopefully they don’t break too much in the process.

VSE won’t get love.

Node workflow and addition won’t have all the love of BFA, so that will still be needed.

Floating menu’s won’t change, may need some love in BFA.

Window view toggles in BFA should persist, can be improved. 2.8 seems to have a weird proposal for that which I’m definately not a fan of. The quick icon toggles in Animation editors and the Outliner/Properties have become indespensible in my daily routine.

I personally hope the toolbar in BFA can be adapted or still used in BFA. I also can’t live without it.

Outliner is a good addition/upgrade, but the rclick menus may need organization.

The brush settings as float menus in a header was discussed in BFA, so that won’t be needed. Any good UI improvements is just less work here.  But even then, may need some improvement – like unselectable things hide away/toggle…. which I love.

In general, I can still see a lot of improvement needed. Including defaults, hotkeys, addons, default setups, etc. I just hope they do a great job, which will be less work here, faster updates and dev here.. and let the indirect feedback UI design loop to Blender source continue.. I love this fork.

I think I can celebrate a lot concerning UI, mostly with the toolbar, very much like trueSpace – my first 3D love – and multi object edit/settings, the new Outliner collections system, the viewport updates, the new way to use tools and widgets.. finally. Very thankful – but I still think BFA after the next cycle will still be a couple years ahead of the Blender source. The hundreds of little details making life easier is.. hard to implement in the source. Hope they keep getting applied.

And.. we’ll see. I am looking forward to 2.8.