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To organize it in more panels would also be possible. And it becomes even necessary now. It’s too much content at once when we put the buttons underneath. We will see how much panels we need. I think i will make one panel for each category in the Modify nodes tab. That way you can even nail the parts that you need more often.

I see your point with the tabs and that things can be organized more economical in that menu. – I don´t really understand what you mean with the blocks of four and how that would avoid scrolling?

Nothing to do with scrolling. But having the buttons grouped in blocks makes it easier to organize and to find specific items. When you have 20 buttons underneath, then it’s hard to find number 17 for example. When you have five blocks of four, then it’s the last block and the first button in this block …

I’ll make the changes. You will see what i mean then :)