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Thanks for the feedback.

Heh, you will have no luck with using the old menus in the upcoming Bforartists version 0.9.7. I’ve removed it meanwhile :)

But I see what you mean with the cut off text. You have to pull the panel around to see the full text. Not really user friendly.

The original menus are unfortunately not to iconize. So i will not bring it back in its original incarnation. The Blender devs did a “great” job here. No comments, the code is very deep connected with other parts, and i have still no idea what exactly is part of this menu system and what not. I was happy enough to be able to make it disfunctional without to break Bforartists. I would have to rebuild all menus and panels in the addon instead, one by one. But i am simply not happy with the many tabs. I don’t want to.

What i could do is to reintroduce single columns instead of the double columns. Maybe grouped in blocks of four, so that you have the same line blocks than in icon mode. This may even work for the common stuff without scrolling. What do you think?

The spacing between icon and text is a very special chapter. Without icons everything is aligned left. With icons the text is centered. Don’t ask me why, and yes i already tried to find this code piece …

I use a special hack to have the text at least a bit aligned. I add spaces to the text before and after the text part :)