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Some feedback after using the new shader panels extensively for a while.

Unfortunately I can´t say, that the system is working very well, I still keep searching everytime I need a not so common node. – Specially the modify common layout is pretty confusing. I believe the main reasons for this are the mix of double and single columns as well as the fact, that I have to scroll up and down within the panel. Due to the double columns the text gets cut off on certain node names, when I keep the menu compact to maximize my node work space. This is not really helping for a good overview either of course. – Out of frustration I have reverted to use the original Blender tabs on top. And I must say they are not bad at all, very easy to navigate and since everything within a category is organized as an alphabetic list, also uncommon nodes are easy to locate.

The only thing I am missing there are the icons, that would speed things up even more, locating the right node at a glance.

Is it possible to add the icons to those menu items as well? Since those would all be single column menus, my suggestion would be to add some spacing between the icons and the text, which would increase readability significantely for those long lists

What are everyones thoughts on this? Or am I the only one, that has trouble with the newly added “Common Menus”?