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Hi guys,

I am a Senior II software QA tester working in the field for about 26 years. Last 7 years I have been working in the health software industry. I specialize in leading small projects using Agile with Rally for Usability testing, UAT even creating UI wireframe mockups as well as integration and functionality testing. Digital art has been a passion since I can remember that is why I had always used a Mac at home and drwn in pencil anc color pencils.  Time has passed and for economic and life reasons instead of concentrating on art, I ended up as a software engineer. Yet I think is a good base for what I like to do.

I am starting to take 3D as a hobby. I have read several  articles of different 3D software reviews and I am familiar with several terms in the industry. Now I am playing around, Carrara 8.5 (Discontinued but given as was a gift and felt in love with the UI), Daz3D, and Blender (the most complete free 3D creator out). Something that stresses me most about the software in general is how usability is an afterthought or not thought of at all. I consider myself somehow art inclined. I have drawn with pencil since I was younger and have taken some Photoshop and 3D art classes with Maya. Like in Health, 3D software is usually aimed for highly qualified (technically and patient for workarounds) and not average users , artists and amateurs like me. In my opinion it’s like we have seen it in Shark Tank: If the product is not appealing and intuitive, it will not reach much audience.

I’d like to be part of a 3D software easy to use and Beforartists seems to hit it right on the nail: Usability!. I’d like to collaborate providing feedback as I am learning Blender and move later into more complex creations.