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Just to say, the Blender shortcuts are being spliced into the BFA shortcuts as we speak. I’m working on them, so you don’t have to completely forget some workflows from Blender. The project I’m doing with the shortcuts fusion will also include graphics in the manuals and visual tags for Blender differences to aid migration or comparison, mostly a thought but a project nonetheless. It’s just a big project as the shortcuts are literally in the hundreds of lines of code (thousands nearly), meaning hundreds of shortctus to make sure don’t conflict and fusion correctly.

I come from working in studios with Blender, but quickly switched to BFA (and also switched to an independant studio model), as it was easy to learn BFA understanding how Blender works (and easier to tutor and teach to interns) – they are similar source code and similar systems – but the UI use of the system is just different (and easier and more fun for me in BFA, in my opinion).

I highly recommend BFA over Blender, as switching back to Blender is…. well annoying, but possible. Even if BFA doesn’t prosper, which I doubt (because who doesn’t hate opensource closed monopolies!?). You have my support for whatever art you do in BFA, troubleshooting or anything.

Concerning what he said above, yeah.. it would be pointless to develop Blender persay – as that source is just a source for a completely different thing, and I know how much things have burned hot in rejection to anything he would want to do for that community, as there is a blind mob mentality going there – which is why this fork started. So if anything, once I have the shortcuts spliced and documented/visualized – then there will be no stopping you porting those shortcuts to Blender for personal use, or just stick to BFA and enjoy the optimizations that are a leg up from Blender, always – as BFA is built from the source of Blender, so anything Blender does, BFA always legs it up – just how it goes.. as the source is similar if not the same at the root of the software, just with a better UI and workflow – and one more consistent with Autodesk based industry standards. A no risk, no brainer descision to me..even if it’s small and has a smaller community around it. 

To be honest, it was way easier going to BFA coming from Softimage over Blender – so if you know any 3D concept that way, through Autodesk, might be easier through BFA to get an easy grip of the “Blender” platform. 

And really, I worked with a team of people on the same 3D project, some in Blender and me in BFA (doing most of the legwork) and there was no file compatibilty issue (other than with the VSE due to Blender not using FFmpeg codecs unlike the master builds that BFA is based off, a fault on the official release of Blender not using FFmpeg codecs – and just turn off Load UI when loading scenes from BFA).. so compatibility, you don’t need to know Blender to work with others in Blender, get comfortable with whatever feels best (arguebly BFA if you are starting, but if you already have Blender habits, might be Blender). But yeah, I would stick with one platform or the other, and not worry too much on both.