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I’ve been inching forward, trying to learn BFA, but also viewing Blender tutorials.  The experience is making me aware of the advantages and disadvantages of BFA. 

Briefly put: i reluctantly accept learning fewer Blender hotkeys, but the prospect of having to unlearn BFA equivalents is sobering.  They’re moderate and major disadvantages. 

After all, this whole project depends totally on the willingness (and masochism!) of one man (you, Mr. Reiner! :D ).

I think many people are tempted but conclude that, nah, it’s just not worth the risk.

But i think it is possible to mitigate this (perceived) risk.  I think that you should add an extension to “Important Hotkeys”, a toggle that would show in pop-up bubbles, the original Blender hotkey for action just being implemented.  That way BFA users could gradually learn B hotkeys, have an insurance policy (so if you get tired/sick/married/dead, we’ve sacrificed little by specializing in your BFA ‘fork’). 

Or you could code copies of commands to go to Blender? (One would run both BFA and Blender at once and be able to switch back and forth to see how Blender would appear at each point of ones BFA project!).


(Please don’t think of me as more full of sh*t than a duck pond- think of me as great fertilizer for BFA!)