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3. Sure, I’ll make a task there.

4. Batch Rename Datablocks addon – possible solution

By default Blender can’t rename multiple objects at once, which may be the biggest stumbling block, not just the methods that work already.. This would help you rename a bunch of objects and their mesh data easily. And, just to mention, you CAN rename objects from the properties panel within the 3D view with the Item panel AND the outliner AND in the Object Properties tab. To make things rename materials, I would also maybe add a button calling this specific addon panel up (like a dropdown) beside the object name panel (currently only way is to search and activate it). I’ll post it, it is one of the only great addons I found that has helped me add some juice and usability to the outliner and large dataset management.  I’ll post this as a task too.

Batch Rename Datablocks addon