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No problem about the zoom icons idea- it’s doable by using simple screen magnifier.  That adds a little clutter but it beats alternative.  I was also thinking that with complex models it’s probably worth using.

Ah i see. But it’s not doable by us. I fear you have to continue with screen magnifier :)

I think you may have overshot a bit.

Yep. Looks like that. But nothing’s lost since it’s still under development. We had to remove the disturbing hotkeys to create a good fundament. Even nowadays we run into hotkey conflicts here and there. And this needs to be fixed and sorted out first before introducing a full keymap again.See next point :)

What i’m hoping is that BFA’s icons will buy me time to learn all the hotkeys, ease the start of the learning curve.  So what, in your estimation, WHAT IN BFA WOULD I HAVE TO UNLEARN? if say, 6 months from now, you and/or your team got overwhelmed and gave up, and we all had to return to Blender.  Sorry if i seem rude here, but i have to examine the worst case. 

Not this much. The tools are the same. But at the same time a lot. All the things that are improvements compared to Blender.

You can setup the Blender keymap in the same way than in Bforartists. In fact Draise is working at a full keymap at the moment that brings the benefits from the Bforartists keymap, and includes the Blender keymap for the rest. The ones that we have currently removed. And this keymap should be usable in Blender too then.

There is even some functionality available as addons. The navigation buttons in the header of the 3D view for example is an addon that’s also available for Blender.

What you have to relearn is searching. Digging in sub menus where the tool is hidden. And scrolling. And what would be missing is the icon buttons, the toolbar, and quite a few of Bforartists only functionality. Like the hidable and lockable 3D cursor. In short, you would have to relearn the cumbersome Blender way to do things.

I’m unsurprised by your troll difficulties.  I see 3 problems: we’re humans (1] scared little monkeys huddling in groups, fearfully, 2] NIH- old engineers joke: “Not Invented Here!”, and 3] nerd-itus (“Us Real Men use text string commands, hotkeys at worst- no girly icons for us!”).  But seriously, that’s bad news.  I must ask: do you expect to do a 2.8 version of BFA?

I wasn’t really surprised neither. But there is a point when it becomes simply too much. And character assassination is no go.

Sure we will do a 2.8 version of Bforartists. I have no plans to stop the project :)

One reason to stop the project would be when they would make Bforartists obsolete by a better UI design. But i don’t see this happen with 2.8. They make the mess even bigger at the moment from what i can see. I still hope that i am wrong here …

PS: re nerditus- i wrote a Blender rep and mentioned the interface, contrasting it to Cinema4D.  He wrote back snidely, remarking on how it was ok “for casual users”.  Hilarious!  I’m sure C4D users would be amused.



please see attached jpeg

There is no jpeg ^^