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No problem about the zoom icons idea- it’s doable by using simple screen magnifier.  That adds a little clutter but it beats alternative.  I was also thinking that with complex models it’s probably worth using.

What exactly do i mean about forum post clutter?  Exactly this (please see attached jpeg).  No offense- but it’s a mess.  Really- shame on you guys- you’re SuperCoders- absolutely perfect! :D

About hotkeys- i’m sorry- but all your explanations about keymaps went way over my head.  I just don’t understand what the upshot of all this is.  Let me rephrase: if i learn Blender through BFA to what extent will i be learning different hotkeys? 10%  20%…?

What i’m hoping is that BFA’s icons will buy me time to learn all the hotkeys, ease the start of the learning curve.  So what, in your estimation, WHAT IN BFA WOULD I HAVE TO UNLEARN? if say, 6 months from now, you and/or your team got overwhelmed and gave up, and we all had to return to Blender.  Sorry if i seem rude here, but i have to examine the worst case. 

I followed your quickstart link, but didn’t follow much of it.  I gather that ALL Blender standard hotkeys are lost if BFA used in BFA mode, and most (half?) are lost with keymap set in Blender mode.  ?  Not good news.  I think you may have overshot a bit.

I’m unsurprised by your troll difficulties.  I see 3 problems: we’re humans (1] scared little monkeys huddling in groups, fearfully, 2] NIH- old engineers joke: “Not Invented Here!”, and 3] nerd-itus (“Us Real Men use text string commands, hotkeys at worst- no girly icons for us!”).  But seriously, that’s bad news.  I must ask: do you expect to do a 2.8 version of BFA?

Thanks for manual tip!



PS: re nerditus- i wrote a Blender rep and mentioned the interface, contrasting it to Cinema4D.  He wrote back snidely, remarking on how it was ok “for casual users”.  Hilarious!  I’m sure C4D users would be amused.