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Ah, sorry to hear about the accident with clicking at the wrong exe. But glad you got it working then.

Phew, lots of questions. Let’s have a look if i can answer at least a few.


Anyway.. Since original post i rethought my zoom icons idea.  I still think it’s a good idea- would help people (read: with bad eyes) locate the right icon. Maybe you could just mention the problem and provide a link to some third-party magnifier (tho so far i’ve found all of them to be usability nightmares)?

The idea is not bad, it’s just not dobable, sorry :)

Speaking of speaking in simple sentences with short words, maybe you guys should reconsider your post format- it’s so cluttered with text formatting options i thought it was a glitch, not working at all, till i found main field for text.  Just a thought.

What exactly do you mean?

If i use BFA in Blender mode does that mean i get all Blender’s original hotkeys? 

When we talk about the Interaction in the splash screen, yes. When you switch to Blender keymap, then you get the Blender keymap. Some keys may be disfunctional though. Haven’t had the time to check the Blender keymap yet.

You have to save the User Preferences to make the changes permanent then. Otherwise it will start with the Bforartists keymap again.

Since stumbling across BFA i’ve read some comments on it, vs. original Blender.  Now i see that of course it bars one from benefits of many main Blender tutorials

Why should it? The tools are the same. And you can even with the Bforartists hotkey map easily follow most Blender tutorials. As long as they are really tutorials, and not the usual spelling lessons what hotkey comes after what hotkey.

what reaction are you folks getting from the main developer community? 

That’s a dark chapter in the Bforartists history. Hardcore Trolling up to characater assassination from some folks of the community and even a few developers who thinks that Blender UI is best. I keep my hands away from Blender communities these days. This happens without me. And they usually don’t mention me with a word anymore. Which is a big improvement compared to what they did with me before. Just a few hardcore trolls are still active out there.

You may decide not to write such a general pros and cons summary but i hope you’ll tell me (and others) what proportion/percentage of B. hotkeys dfifer, or are blocked in BFA.

Here every opinion is allowed.

As for the differences, it’s not this much actually, but we have currently lots of hotkeys simply removed. You best have a look here: https://www.bforartists.de/wiki/Quickstart#changes

unless i was imperceptive again, i noticed your manual wasn’t downloadable.

Right click at the link, and choose “Save As” :)

EDIT, i have placed a hint in the manual page now. You can also choose the browser file menu when you have a PDF open, and save the file from there.

Kind regards