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Hi Brenticus,

Thanks for your suggestions and ideas :)

Let’s go through them.

1. More menus in the info window (the top bar)

The Top bar menu (Info Editor) will have tabs with Blender version 2.8. So it’s no good idea to crowd the header with more menus. We will have a space problem then. And see also next point :)

An alternative could be to move the 4 menus from the bottom of the 3d view up to the top instead of having two toolabrs with 4 menus each. Context sensitivity may become an issue then though as the info bar is always open even when the 3d view is not.

We can’t do this. It’s technically impossible. A few tools are global. That’s what the toolbar at the top contains. But lots of the menu items are context sensitive. They have to be part of the editor where they belong to. Menus from the 3D view has to be in the 3D view.

Move the scene info to a floating, collapsible display.

Another location would be possible. But i am not really convinced if it is a good idea for the user to dig in a sub menu. And the whole string is too long for the tool shelf or the properties sidebar. And even when we breat it into parts, it would eat needed space there then. Which means scrolling. I personally am happy with the current location :)

3. Sculpt Brush Menu

I see what you mean. I am not sure if this is doable though. Brushes can be customized. And that’s fixed buttons out. But i find the current way to click at the big image and to choose another brush pretty quick already. Yes it is one click more. But is it really a this big time saver to have them top UI level?

4. Better way to rename objects

Not convinced here. This crowds the functionality even more. One way to do things is imho usually more than enough. And we already have two ways.

5. Click and drag to box select

We tried. The hotkey conflicts were killing us. And in the end it would put often needed functionality to more cumbersome key combinations. And slow down the workflow that way. So we decided to keep it the Blender way. That’s better for migrating Blender users anyways.

There is a thread here somewhere where davis made some changes to the keymap to have drag select though. And he is quite happy with this change: https://www.bforartists.de/content/how-add-shotycut-deselect-all-double-clicking-empty-area

Why is the icon for Bforartists different than the one on the website? I think the one on the website with the more 3d look would both look nicer and be more of an indication of a 3d software.

Already done, in master since a few days, and will come with the next release :)

Kind regards