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Hi EmilsVFx,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I already tried to separate or even manipulate the transform panel. No luck so far. This part is deep burried in the C part of the code. I fear it will remain the way it is. Same goes for the photoshop style icon toolbar asides. I tried, and couldn’t manage it. But that’s why we have the toolbar.

Hmm, hiding away some of the settings could be a good idea. Maybe implement a button to show hide them, or make more subtabs to hide away the system panels. Needs some experiments. I will make an issue for it. But no promise here. Grease pencil stuff is for example equal hard nailed in the properties sidebar as the transform stuff. With uncommented C code across several files … -.-

You can set the not used areas to transparent by ticking Overlap Areas, and in the Theme section turn down the alpha value for Region Background. But i find it highly irritating to work that way. Because now it can happen that you manipulate your object(s) while all you wanted to do is to click a button in the tool shelf …

And it has its flaws. You may notice the border line.

Kind regards