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Here is just an idea:

Currently the Add menu is.. virtually empty. I can search and add, or add templates which I believe to be addon specific.

It makes no sense at the moment, because there technically is nothing to add from that menu.

There is a halfbaked Material>All Nodes Overview system in the tabs, which makes sense if it were dynamic and consistent with the other nodetrees, but it’s slow and visually cacophonic and uncompatible with thirdparty nodetrees, as clarified.

and FYI, Animation Nodes don’t populate the tabs…

Solution A: Having both a tab system and the add menu in the bar would solve the two goals: quick overview of all nodes on mouseover and production specific orginization on tab switch.

Solution B: Though.. just having ONE system, where one tab is essentually the second system with the All Nodes overview type workflow and removing the add menu from the bar entirely (moving the search and add to All Nodes tab menu with it’s own section, that could be pinned to other tabs) may be a great solution too.