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Ah.. that explains a bit. I do like the All Nodes panel, though yes, slower to load. I have used it a lot already by default because I see everything I need and don’t have to switch tabs to get a quick prototype. 

Since the Animation Nodes populate the Add menu drop down entry by default, which I am happy enough using it like that – it’s efficient enough – maybe removing the All Nodes tab from Materials Nodetree and others (though I love it – maybe removing it then putting the icons into the other tab add entries instead – they make sense) THEN repopulating the Add bar menu to have all nodes open as the node overview without necessity to have a workflow where having to “discover” them through tab switching slows things down. This might be the consistent solution for the Add node overview menu approach to all node editors.

Maybe the UI goals would be to:

1. General workflow of having a big picture of all nodes, easy mouse over access, for quick creative nodetree development with no tab switching or extra clicks to change the Add tabs category. Good for learning and quick prototyping, artistic.

2. Then have the specific workflow for production specific topical adding process where it would be easier to stay on tab and add said nodes of said group for specific adding process without having to visually “search” for the right item in many. Good for production once you know what you’re doing in an organized mannor.