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Hi ubi_laptop,

As told in the mail, i am unfortunately lost with Mac. I am a Windows user. And we don’t have somebody in our team that could compile for Mac.

The only thing that comes into my mind is this:


I load external libraries, I guess they are the same for both forks

This is not true. Bforartists is based at Blender 2.76. The current version of Blender, 2.78, relies at different dependencies. Better said mainly newer versions. And Python 3.5, which was introduced with Blender 2.77, brought also a few changes.

I plan to update Bforartists at one point to the Blender 2.78 code. Then the dependencies will fit again. I just cannot say when i will start it nor when is finished. I first want to finish the development of the UI changes with the current code base before i start to migrate everything to the newest Blender version. And there are still some parts left that i want to tackle.

Sorry for the bad news :(