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The Bforartists UI design document

No development without a development goal. One of the main goals for Bforartists is the rewrite of the graphical UI. The concept already exists. It will be QT based. It will centralize the places for tools and settings. And we will change quite a few more things while rewriting the graphical UI.

You can find the two existing pdf’s below so that you can see what awaits you here. The first document describes in detail what to change. And even more important what the benefits of the changes are. The second document is currently more a draft, a list of all UI elements with a first basic dark colour scheme. Both documents will most probably change here and there while developing the prototype. And may change again when implementing it into Bforartists.

www.bforartists.de/data/Bforartists_UI_redesign_Designdoc_Part 1_-_general.pdf

www.bforartists.de/data/Bforartists_UI_redesign_Designdoc_Part 2_-_theming.pdf