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Moving the tracker to Github

We have decided to switch to the tracker at Github for issue organization and bug reports. It is the better tracker system. And our issue tracker at the page is in the way for the port of the page to Drupal 8. The issue tracker module is not ported yet. And most probably never will.

New issues goes already into the Github tracker. The remaining issues at our issue tracker will be dealt with as far as possible. And the rest will be ported to the Github tracker then.  New bug reports and issues should be started at the tracker at Github if possible.

We will have a grace period until the next Bforartists release is ready, which is expected to be two or three months away. The current Bforartists version still links to our issue tracker for bug reports. So we cannot close it immediately. After the new version is out, and the report a bug link in the Bforartists goes to the Github tracker, we will start the port of the webpage. And then the tracker with all its content will be gone.

– Reiner

EDIT. Because of an ongoing spam attack we have decided to close the tracker immediately. It is now not longer publicly available. Please use the tracker at Github: github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/issues