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Bforartists Manual is live

The conversion of the Blender manual to Bforartists is finally done. Lots of work comes to an end. The Bforartists manual is live.

The conversion is finished. But it is of course not done with converting the Blender Manual over to Bforartists. There is still lots of work left. I did not care for the layout in this step. Not for outdated and missing content. Also not for the stone old images that can be found here and there. Some of them goes back to Blender 2.49 and earlier. And we have to fill it with our changes. And we will do. Every new version will from now on find its changes in the manual. The first small adjustments like custom wireframe colors or that you can hide the 3D editor have already found their way into the manual.

What did not make its way into the manual yet is the icon buttons that i have implemented in version 0.3. Since this part will heavily evolve in the next development step. It will be documented when we are through with QT in the one or another way. The current manual is valid up to Bforartists 0.3.1. Minus the icon buttons. But that’s one checkbox. And pretty self explaining.

The Bforartists manual is divided into 74 single PDF files. I once wanted to make every chapter one PDF. But that would have been too big and unhandy for some things. The renderers for example. So i ended in a few more pieces than really thought.

What is also available is the whole manual in *.odt format. So that everybody can adjust the manual to his needs. Lile making one big PDF of it. Or add a few comments. And of course to give people who wants to help a quick and easy way to do so. The odt format is the file format for Libre and Open Office. So when somebody of you wants to fix something, simply grab the files, modify it, and tell me to upload the modified versions then.

As a side note a little curiosity: As of writing this part here the Blender manual has an an invalid licensing. The Blender developers are at investigating it. But haven’t changed anything yet at the licensing. So for now i have put the Bforartists manual under a Public Domain license. I will adjust it when the Blender developers have decided what to do.