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Bforartists 2 – Alpha 0.9.0 + E-Cycles

We have some amazing news to share. Mathieu from E-Cycles has created a Bforartists 2 version of his improved version of the Cycles renderer.

E-Cycles 2020 is based on Bforartists 2 0.9.0, and is up to 2.5x faster than Blender OptiX. It also offers viewport denoising for GTX 9xx, 1xxx and RTX cards. You can choose between the standard(CUDA) or standard + RTX(OptiX) version.

The E-Cycles version of Bforartists 2 can be found here. It is no free addon though. The price was at 149 Euro:

EDIT, link removed. ECycles Bforartists version is not longer available.