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Usually i am not involved into politics. But there are times where even i have to. The European Parliament is going to release new copyright laws that might be the end of the Bforartists forums and the webpage at all. 

The most important arricle in this new law, “Article 13” dictates that websites need to ensure that any uploaded content is free of copyright issues. This is technically simply not possible. Even not with so called upload filters. They would just be the icing at it, throwing out all smaller pages of the internet that cannot afford such a technical requirement. This new law will most probably lead to a big censorship. It is the reversal of the principle of the presumption of innocence. Now you are guilty until such a filter decides that you are not.

You can read here what the fuss is about: www.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/03/european-copyright-directive-what-it-and-why-has-it-drawn-more-controversy-any

Take action against this stupid law! You can for example contact your sitting members in the european parliament. Search for your country: www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/de/search/advanced

In Germany we have demonstrations at 23.03.2019 in various cities. See here: www.gameswirtschaft.de/politik/artikel-13-demo-23-maerz-termin/

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