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Bforartists 2 1.0.0 RC released

Hello Friends,

We have published the release candidate of Bforartists 2

The binary downloads can as usual be found in the downloads section
The sourcecode can be found at Github. github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/releases/tag/vbfa2_1.0.0_RC
And the release note is here: www.bforartists.de/release-notes/

This is the release candidate for the final version 1.0.0 of Bforartists 2. In this release we have ironed out a few last quirks and bugs. When everything works well then this version will become the final version, which will be released in a few days. Next step is to update the webpage, to remove Bforartists 1 informations from the main sections, and add the Bforartists 2 informations. Bforartists 1 is now legacy version.

Bforartists is a fork of the popluar open source 3d software Blender. The primary goal of Bforartists is to deliver a better graphical UI and a better usability. Bforartists 2 1.0.0 RC is based at Blender 2.83 Alpha. And is of course free.

A big thanks goes to the team and everybody involved. Have fun with the new version – Reiner

Bforartists 2 1.0.0 RC released
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