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Short term development goals

One step further in the roadmap. The last week was spent at some research to define the short time goals. Lots to read. Unfortunately it seems that i am a bit too late to the show. The old issues, suggestions and user wishes are hard to find nowadays.

The thread at the Blender Artist page about the absurdest absurdities issues brought up some good points. But Blender storm, a feedback page which had a huge collection of user wishes and ideas, is gone. Wayback machine was of no big help here. And the Phabricator page, that gots installed as a tracker not long ago, is super hard to navigate. And doesn’t go back really for long. Seems that quite some things from the before Phabricator era are lost.

There was for example a list of quite a few useful things left that did never make the port from 2.49 to 2.5, but was listed as to do. I have no idea where to find this list now. I haven’t even found the UI to do list for the taskforce And i cannot find the declined patches neither since the search mask doesn’t allow to search for declined patches, but only closed ones. And that’s all of the patches then. To find the declined patches that would be useful for Bforartists is a job for future research i guess.

Anyways, the tracker is now filled with a few first issues to solve. Around 30. I had really hoped for much more. But that’s the way it is. And it is already enough to get started, so no reason to moan really. I will add new issues when i stumble across them. And everybody who has an idea is welcome to do the same.

Now follows the funny part. The development of the issues itself. They can be found in the tracker. Everybody who wants to help to solve this issues is welcome. Let’s have a look how much of the issues makes it into the first binary 🙂