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First binaries available

Another big milestone is reached. There are the first binaries available for Bforartists. Version 0.1. It is the initial release, the move from Blender to Bforartists. So the main changes are of course the logos and the branding, and that everything works together with the new name. But there are already some first changes in the UI.

The Factory Settings theme is now the blueish theme that can be found in the UI design document. And there are already a few changes at the standard settings too. Including the important change of the default selection method from RMB to LMB. For all changes see the www.bforartists.de/release-notes/

Currently it’s just the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows version. I don’t have a mac nor Linux to build those versions. When you want to help out with Linux and Mac binaries, then please join the team.

The binaries can be found in the Downloads section.

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