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Bforartists Python API is online

The last missing documentation piece is now also online. The Bforartists Python api. It can be found in the Support section.

EDIT 29.01.2020 : the python api is not longer available.

The API is fully functional, but not fully finished yet. It contains everything it needs. That’s not the problem. The problem is that it contains a few more things than it should. It is a conversion from Blender. And contains lots of links that still leads to Blender sources. This needs to be fixed at a one by one base. And there are lots of those links. And there are also some small other things that needs a fix. A backlink to the Bforartists page for example. But for now it’s good enough.

The conversion was done by Mox Fulder under Linux, and by using Blender 2.76. Thanks again for that. The by Blender used Sphinx documentation system doesn’t really play well together with Windows. I got it somehow working, but it produced in the end broken links in the documents that leaded to local paths. Useless. Seems that we need to use Linux to recreate this documentation in case we change something at the API. Or use something else.