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Bforartists is starting

Hello friends,

This is it, we are live.

So what is Bforartists? In short: Bforartists is a project to create a Blender fork with a much better UI and usability. And with the goal to fix all those crazy UI / UX design issues from the past. Like the almighty RMB select issue, which has stopped generations of wanabee Blender users right in the first five seconds.

The Bforartists project started at July the 2nd already. But it took quite some time to prepare the launch and to create the needed infrastructure that suits the size of the project. It’s not done with setting up a repo at Github, start to change a button colour, and wait for two or three more volunteers then to do the rest. This strategy may work for some smaller apps and games. But not for one of the biggest software projects possible. We need all bells and whistles that we can get. And we need a good infra structure right from the start.

The page is now up and running. And everything needed  to go to work is there. From bug tracker across wiki up to a forum. Means Bforartists has reached the productive stage, and we can start with work now. Even when there are some things to tweak left. The work at a webpage is never really finished.

There are also the first steps done to port the whole Blender project over to Bforartists. The icons are replaced. The Cmake files are tweaked to some degree, and the build process in VS already produces a bforartists.exe. Everything is processing fine.

Have fun with the page and the project 🙂