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Beware of commercial versions of Bforartists!

We face at the moment the same problem than Blender. People tries to make money with our success. My last find was a croatian page where you could buy Bforartists for 20 euro. And this is not the first time someone has tried to sell Bforartists to make money.

Well, the GPL even allows this. You can grab any open source project, rebrand it, and sell it. And this is legal as long as you align with the GPL license terms, means you need to provide access to the source code. This is given since our repository is already public. But they use our brand and image material, unasked of course. And this does in fact violate our copyright.

I guess we should sue them. But i don’t have the money and time for that. We are no company with a legal department. And chances to catch these folks are small anyways. So i place a warning instead. Don’t ever buy this! Bforartists is free, and will remain free. It will never cost any money. When you see such an offer, then keep your hands away!

Kind regards