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Forum topicOutput panel only contains option for directory, other options missing bfoaantjes181 year 6 months ago
Forum topicMac trackpad help, navigation undo, etc. seanr41 year 6 months ago
IssueGrease Pencil Sculpt Pie Menu shortcut featured but not available Draise21 year 6 months ago
IssueArmature - Edit Mode - Armature menu - iconize the Bone Settings menu Reiner141 year 6 months ago
IssueBatch Rename Datablock - object rename and outliner feature improvement suggestions Draise101 year 6 months ago
IssueBone Settings menu Reiner51 year 6 months ago
IssueArmature - Edit Mode - Armature Menu - Remove Mirror Vertex Group Reiner51 year 6 months ago
IssueMake Wireframe colors own tab Reiner101 year 6 months ago
Forum topicFacebook Page - Suggestion Draise171 year 6 months ago
IssueAddon [$] Autorigger Pro - Bug Draise81 year 6 months ago
ImagePink Bobby Bug davis31 year 6 months ago
Issue[Support] Addon shortcuts override BFA's shortcuts? How? Why? Draise51 year 6 months ago
IssueHotkey Conflict with Grease Pencil Sculpt mode - Hotkey E Reiner111 year 6 months ago
IssueCheck Full BFA shortcuts: Map Clip Editor Draise21 year 6 months ago
IssueFormer translation hotkeys not registering WER after factory reset/hotkey list change Draise41 year 7 months ago
IssueWhen doing a Reset to Factory Settings, default hotkeys revert to Blenders defaults Draise101 year 7 months ago
IssueAnimation Editors, put handle type, interpolation mode and keyframe type into the properties sidebar Reiner91 year 7 months ago
Forum topicFacebook Page - New Groups Draise01 year 7 months ago
Forum topicForking Wolfsbane51 year 7 months ago
IssueLimit Number of Weights and other Weight tools greyed out Draise51 year 7 months ago
IssueReorganize the Node Editor sidebar Reiner441 year 7 months ago
ImageStatues of Sira davis21 year 7 months ago
IssueAddon: Blend4web - not activating in 0.9.6 Draise81 year 7 months ago
IssuePython Api Reference link dead in 0.9.6 Draise61 year 7 months ago
IssueWindows Installer / Gets Blocked (because of missing Author) davis131 year 7 months ago