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The repository is ready

The next milestone is reached. The repository is ready and up. You can find it here: github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists

Please work with the branch Bfora_Master. The trunk is nothing else than the Blender version that i have used to change it to Bforartists.

All needed changes are done to separate Bforartists from Blender. All Blender graphics and icons are replaced by Bforartists graphics and icons. The links in Bforartists leads not longer to Blender. And we have a bforartists.exe now.

The internal file structure and the project name remains Blender based for now. We have for example still a Blender.sln file. This is intended. I want to merge at least the next Blender version into our Bforartists fork. The current Blender version from which i started is a version between the main releases. Means there are bugs and unfinished features that gets usually fixed for the final versions. I will use the time up to this point to toy a bit more around with Git and Github. It’s the ideal time for some experiments. When something goes wrong with the repository then it’s nothing this dramatic at the moment.

The further development will go on as described in the Roadmap . The initial release is done now. The searching for more volunteers is continuing. We are already at the short term goals now. I will spend the next days with defining the single tasks for our short term goals, and will create issues for it in the tracker. So that everybody who wants can claim one of the tasks and work at it.