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New Manual chapter – 3.1.1 – 3D View by tools – Tool Shelf.pdf

We have a new manual chapter. 3.1.1 – 3D View by tools – Tool Shelf.pdf

This chapter is the first big part of the manual rewrite. It brings more structure into the manual. Now you can search by tool for the Tool Shelf tools. It also adds quite a few things that are simply missing in the Blender manual. The descriptions of the Last Operator. Or how some tools works. And even the description of some tools at all. The Blender manual is incomplete. It misses Make Vertex Parent for example.

Tutorials is a special chapter. To explain what a tool does is an important part of the reference manual. And sometimes you have to provide a deeper how to. But not in the way that you for example explain in detail what the pros and cons of render baking is. Or opinions like that ABF is the better unwrap algorithm. It is not, it is simply a different tool than LSCM. Such things does simply not belong into the reference part of a manual. But is unfortunately in big parts to find in the Blender manual. And that’s the reason why we rewrite the manual from scratch now. By the tools in the different editors. What it is, what it does, and how to use it.

The rewrite is an ongoing process. Which will most probably need years. Alone this chapter here has cost me several months now. So i am not sure if we really manage to rewrite the complete manual. There are other things to do too. But it was already one of the biggest chapters. So let’s hope that the other chapters goes a bit faster.