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I think it is a good idea to have a press kit ready. Blender has it too.

Any takers at this task? Smile


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I could try work on this.. seems I am churning my head around publicity these days, so iwould be like a small task here to put at hand from all the thought. 

But first I want to brainstorm:

  • Logo Files (Davis has these correct?) / Icons
  • Website Banners
  • BFA themed stock images for decoration (those spheres are cool)
  • BFA themes social icons
  • Simple Guidlines/Terms and Conditions for sponsoring BFA document
  • Link to Publicity images from the Facebook page that I produce that could be shared elsewhere? (they all contain in them)
  • Phrases/Tags to slap around
  • Watermarks to slap around
  • Mascot (built from a future competition?)
  • Quick Sell video to distribute (could be a longer milestone)

Before fully committing I will finish the Full BFA Shortcuts.

ideas from Wiki:

Common components

There is no universal guide to the elements that should be included in a press kit or media kit, but the following are common components:[3]

  • Backgrounder with historical information on the company or individual.
  • Fact sheet listing specific features, statistics, or benefits.
  • Biographies of key executives, individuals, artists, etc.
  • Past press coverage
  • Photos or other images (high resolution) of key executives, logos, products, etc.
  • A press release detailing the current news the media kit is sent in reference to
  • Media contact information (usually of a public relations department or spokesperson)
  • A CD, DVD, software title, video, etc. as appropriate for the sender of the release
  • Collateral advertising material, such as: postcard, flier, newspaper ad, etc.
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Cool. Thanks Draise Smile

I wouldn't overdo it though. Blender has four screenshots and the logo in a few variations. Plus a bit info material. Ah, where was the logo stuff from Davis located? Was it attached in the forum or in one of the threads here?

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Here's the logo set from Davis. They are svg, so you might need to export it with Inkscape to jpg or png

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Great. Thanks. I use Inkscape a lot so all good. 


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I grabbed this taks now. It will be as simple as the Blender one. Some Logos, some images. A bit text. We can extend it at a later point then.

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Sounds good. Jeepers I'm too slow and bogged down by work and debt. Sorry man.. Getting there. 

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All good. No need for a sorry. I have the advantage that i can work 24/7 at Bforartists. You have a real life and a job Wink

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Press kit is online here. 3.37 Mb:

The download link is to find in the Wiki.

It's basically the images from the Features page plus the icons.


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