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There are several options available to install and to build the Bforartists source code.

For Windows with VS 2017


The older version for Windows with VS 2013. Note that this version is outdated.

Building_Bforartists_with_Cmake_and_VS_2013_at_Windows_7.pdf - 1.6 Mb

The editable version as an Open Office version can be downloaded from our github file repository

Note that the following methods are currently not supported anymore:
with Microsoft Visual Studio and SCons
with MinGW and SCons
with MinGW and CMake

Legacy docs:

with Microsoft Visual Studio and CMake - Legacy version - Old version made with a Bforartists before 0.9.0, which was equal to Blender 2.76. Bforartists 0.9.0 was the merge of Blender 2.78. And a few things have changed now.

For Linux

with Cmake and SCons

Building_with Ubuntu 17.pdf - 1.18 Mb

For Mac

with Xcode