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The Bforartists 0.9.7 release brings mainly small tweaks and improvements. And the changes from Blender 2.79b. We have added two new addons. One for the VSE. And one to create primitives with adjustable subdivisions. See create tab in the tool shelf. Most tools are now in the tool shelf too. And not longer in header menus. The biggest change is the new Full keymap. Now you can have the navigation from Bforartists with most hotkeys from Blender.

Another change is that we have moved to the Github tracker. As a consequence the release note now not longer contains links to the issues. The listed titles here are the commits.


Release note Bforartists Version 0.9.7 - 19.04.2018

Added the VSE Transform Tool addon for VSE
Grease Pencil panel - put the options besides each other
Improved the grease pencil tooltips
Motion Tracking - improved tooltips
Properties Editor - Bones tab - renamed Display panel to Bone Display panel
Properties Editor - Object Tab - Rename "Display" to "Object Display"
UV mapping - Toolbar - make toolbar content consistent with the content in the tool shelf
Added hotkey for mark and clear seam in UV Image editor
UV Image Editor - Splitted the toolbar to put the toolbar tools besides the Image Editor.
Image Editor - UV Tools panel cleanups
Reorganized the select grouped menu
Removed the subtab "lock" in view panel in properties sidebar of 3d view
Added Snap icon to the autosnap dropdown menu in dopesheet editor
Removed the V-Ray library from the Materials Libary VX addon
Fixed TypeError error in Full keymap
Fixed the properties not found errors in the Full keymap
Added the Bforartists Full keymap
Added icon for Hue Correct
Fixed missing icon for Vertex Color from Weight in weightpaint mode.
Added missing menu entries for Pack Library and Unpack Library
Fixed the tooltip for unpack, changed the menu item name from "Unpack all into files" to "Unpack packed files"
Compositing - Node Editor - Put Mix node into the Input toolbox
Updated the addons
Rename "Display" side panel to "Viewport Display"
Activate the F2 addon by default
Tiny Cad addon - Added the menu as a panel in the tool shelf, removed the menu from the mesh menu.
Fixed menu entry for the mesh relax addon
Added menu entry for mesh F2 addon
addon tinycad - added menu entry in mesh menu
Image editor - Options - UV Sculpt - Implemented buttons for Radial Control hotkeys
sculpt - brush panel - Implemented buttons for Radial Control hotkeys
weight paint - brush panel - Implemented buttons for Radial Control hotkeys
vertex paint - brush panel - Implemented buttons for Radial Control hotkeys
Added radial control button to the angle slider in texture panel for weight paint, vertex paint and sculpt mode.
Texture Painting - Implemented buttons for Radial Control hotkeys
Grease pencil - fixed the position of the new greasepencil eraser radius button
Grease Pencil - Implemented buttons for Radial Control hotkeys
Bake Cycles - hide Cage settings when Selected to Active is off
Texture Panel - improved Tooltips
Grease Pencil - hide Stroke Placement option for other tools than Stroke
Grease Pencil - Tool Shelf - iconize Interpolate, Sequence, Sculpt Strokes button
Grease Pencil - iconize the Ruler/Protractor button
Particle Mode - Tool Shelf - Radial control buttons needs icons
Armature - Pose Mode - Pose Tools panel - Propagate needs an icon
Armature - Edit Mode - Armature Menu - put Symmetrize into the Armature Tools panel
Sculpting - Dyntopo panel - iconize the buttons
Sculptmode - Texture Panel, Texture Mask panel - Stencil Mode - missing icons for Image Aspect and Reset Transform
Sculpt Mode - Brush Panel - Make compacter
Brush Panel - hide display options in Sculpt mode
Workflow Improvements - Edit Mode - Curve Menu, Surface Menu - Put tools into toolshelf
Workflow Improvements - Edit Mode - Mesh Menu - put Cleanup, Faces, Edges and Vertices menu into the Tool Shelf
Particle Mode - put tools into toolshelf
Grease Pencil - Stroke Placement buttons - improve tooltip by adding tool names
Cmake - make with alembic true - Bforartists now compiles with alembic by default.
Grease Pencil - remove double menu entry Scene / Object
Tex Paint, Vertex Paint - Brush Panel - Develop a compact brush panel
Colorpicker and Palette prop are now hidden by default. But can be revealed if needed.
Vertex Paint - removed double menu entry Brush color
Paintingpanel - put the accumulate, alpha, use gradient, etc props buttons in a row.
Grease Pencil - Menu entries for the pie menus
Grease Pencil panel - Removed big gaps between the elements
Edit Mode - Lattice Object - Put Mirror Vertex Group into the tool shelf
Edit Mode - Mesh Menu - Put Symmetrize and Mirror Vertex Group into the Mesh Tools panel
Edit Mode - Optimize Mesh tools panel
Grouped the buttons in text button mode, removed some inconsistencies, reordered the buttons, made the cut and slide tools a own block
Edit Mode - Mesh Tools Panel - renamed the Add label to Modify label
Edit Mode - Mesh Tools panel + Toolbar - Made Merge and Separate menus icon buttons
Workflow improvements - Mesh Tools - Make Extrude dropdown a menu with a smaller button in Icon mode
Fixed attribute error NoneType for the symmetry snap tool
Snap panel - shortened the tool names
Edit Mode - Mesh Menu - put Snap to Symmetry into the Snap panel
Readded the Amaranth toolset addon. Older version made trouble with Bforartists. This newest version works again.
Important Hotkey addon, extended it by three entries to call the pie menus from Edit Strokes mode
Sculpt mode - Tools Tab - Brush Panel -  changed the orders of the props, hided the Trim slider as long as Trim is not checked.
Sculpt Mode - Tools tab - Stroke Panel - Smooth stroke related sliders are now hidden as long as Smooth stroke is not ticked.
Sculpt Mode - Options Tab - Options Panel - separated the available options by more labels.
Reverted previous commit "Moved Buttons to an If Condition"
Readded OpenGL render buttons to the Sequencer.These entries were accidentally formerly removed as double menu entries.
Bforartists 0.9.6 - gone through the addons again. There were some overlooked updates.
Updated the Primitives Creation Modals addon
Changed the bug reporting links to link to the Github tracker. We have closed the bug tracker at the Bforartists page
User Preferences, start in the Interface tab.
FBX export bug - Fixed FBX export error. There was a newer Blender version of the FBX addon available. The one in Bforartists 0.9.6 fails at export.
Fixed a target error in tests/python/CMakeLists.txt . It pointed to Blender, we have Bforartists ...
Blender keymap - readded the snap menu in Image Editor.
Blender Keymap - readded the IMAGE_MT_uvs_weldalign menu in UV IMage Editor
Blender keymap - fixed the add mesh menu in edit mode
Fixed missing INFO_MT_edit_curve_add menu warning for curve object with hotkey shift a in Blender keymap
Readded Make Single user menu, VIEW3D_MT_make_single_user
Warning use_all_regions not found
Readded text snap menu to call it with shortcut shift s
Sculpt Mode - Options Tab - rename label Gravity to Dab Gravity, Appearance tab - rename Custom Icon to Custom Brush Icon
Name inconsistency for center view in Image editor
3D View - View menu - missing hotkey entry at menu item View Selected All Regions
Committed updated PrimitiveCreationModals addon
Fixed keymap for grease pencil pie menus - the menu names were changed
Remap center view to Numpad 0 because of hotkey conflict  - Part 2. Fixed a introduced conflict in Image Editor.
Remap center view to Numpad 0 because of hotkey conflict
Hotkey conflict - W for Weight Radius conflicts with BFA defaults in Weight Paint Mode
Added the Primitive Creation Modal addon from 3ckSpeX
Sculpt Workflow: Tab Options - Double entry "Show Brush" [Task]