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This release is rather small. The main work for this version was to develop the Important Hotkeys addon, which is included into Bforartists now. The scripting layout is changed. And we have some more minor tweaks like readded hotkeys, a handful new menu items and some more removed double entries.

Release note Bforartists Version 0.2.2 - 27.01.2016

- Changed splash screen to Bforartists Version 0.2.2
- Removed double menu entry Toggle Quad View from the Properties tool shelf. Issue:
- Added important hotkeys addon. Issue:
- (re)added some hotkeys to the Bforartists keymap Issue: and:
- Added menu entry for lasso select. Issue:
- Added menu entry for View all with all regions. Issue:
- Added menu entry for Center View to mouse. Issue:
- Added colour picker button to brush section in vertex paint mode part 2 - added some more comments. Issue:
- Added a colour picker button to the brush section in vertex paint mode. Issue:
- Removed hint text in sculpt and texture paint mode. Issue:
- Fixed double hotkey entries for reset 3D View and Space Dynamic Menu. Issue:
- Fixed maximum scale factor issue when drag open tool shelf the first time after restart. Fixed by the Blender developers: Bforartists Issue:
- Added menu items for View Camera Center and View Lock Center. Issues: ,
- Fixed the working path for linux. Issue:
- 3D View, View menu, removed double entry View Selected. Issue:
- 3D View, View Selected all regions needed a menu entry. Issue:
- 3D View, Dolly View needed a menu entry. Plus some small adjustments at the new scripting layout. Issue:
- Fixed, exporting Max and Maya keymap throws RNA warnings in console.  Fixed by the Blender developers. Blender issue: Bforartists Issue:
- Fix for Text Editor, Removed double menu entry for Properties Line Numbers, Wrap and Syntax Hilighting. Deleted one line too much. Readded a row = layout.row(align=True). Issue:
- Text Editor, hotkey refinements for run script and select line. Issue:
- Text Editor, Removed double menu entry for Properties Line Numbers, Wrap and Syntax Hilighting. Issue:
User Preferences, Themes, removed the Logic Editor button from the available theming sections list. This was a forgotten fragment from disabling the game engine. Issue:
- Scripting Layout refinements. Changed the layout of the editor windows. Now there's finally enough space for the script. Renamed Text menu item to File. Templates are now in the File menu. New Text Block and Open Text Block menu items renamed to New Text and Open Text. Fixed two colour quirks in the theming. The menu bar for the console had wrong colour. The title bars for the Panels in the Properties sidebar had missing colouring. Made the History tab for the 3D view open by default. Issue:
Fixed Event has invalid window console warning with closing the User Preferences. Issue:
- Fixed bug in Scripting Layout. When drag-open the Tool Shelf in 3D View, then the content showed with maximum scale factor. This bug was fixed by the Blender developers. Bforartists Issue: