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This version is mainly about the merge of Blender 2.76 into Bforartists. Which is worth a new release. Since it brings a ton of new functionality. But we have also the first deeper cuts. Like no more game engine. Or some first obvious changes in the UI.

Release note Bforartists Version 0.2.0 - 14.10.2015

- Merged Blender 2.76 into the trunk
- For developers: Addons, Addons Contrib, Scons and Language packs are part of the repo now. And not longer extra repositories that comes as submodules.
- For developers: added a bunch of not versioned files.
- For developers: The master is now Bforartists. Not longer the branch Bfora_master.
- Changed Splash to version 0.2.0
- Added the Reset 3D View addon
- Changed the informations that gets displayed when you right click at the exe and choose the properties / details tab. Now it shows Bforartists, and the proper version number.
- Removed the confirmation dialog when deleting objects in the object mode with X or Delete
- Removed the layers widget from the menu bar of the 3d view. One of the many many double menu entries. Layers can either be accessed by the Layers addon, or in the Preferences.
- Removed the double entries in the add menu of the 3D View in Object mode. Namely: Add Mesh, Add Curve, Add Armature, Add Lamp, Add Text, Add Latice, Add Speaker, Add Camera, Add Lamp. Those were double entries since the menu items are also in the tool shelf
- Removed the add menus in the menu bar of the 3d view in edit mode. edit_mesh, edit_curve, edit_surface, edit_metaball and edit_armature. Those were double entries since the menu items are also in the tool shelf.
- Moved the render dropdown box from the info menu bar to the Properties editor
- Moved the Scene dropdown box from the info menu bar to the scene tab n the properties editor
- Removed the icon and the version number from the menu bar.
- Fixed the version number bug again. The first fix made it worse ...
- Fixed the open console bug at startup
- Game Engine is disabled
- Logic Editor is not longer avaliable
- Removed the game menu item in the 3d view in the object menu

- Changes in the standard settings:
    start user preferences with the Interface tab. Starting with the addons tab is slow.
    Enabled the Layer addon
    Enabled the reset3dview addon
    Tool Shelf starts with the Create tab
    Enabled the Dynamic Spacebar Addon. Yes, it's once more a double menu, but also some first search results. When you press Spacebar then you search something ...
    Removed the game logic layout.