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This version is the initial release. The move from Blender to Bforartists. So the biggest changes is everything around the brand and logos.

Release note Bforartists Version 0.1 - 12.9.2015

- Changed all the icons and graphics in release/datafiles. And replaced every Blender icon by the Bforartists icon.
- Icon changes in the path release\freedesktop\icons
- Changed in release\scripts\startup\bl_ui . This one is the links in the help menu up left.
- Changes at the copyright.txt and the readme.html in path release\text to suit the Bforartists needs.
- Changed the images in release/windows/installer
- Replaced the exe icon graphics in source\icons
- Changed the CMakeLists.txt and the creator_launch_win.c in the source/creator file. With the changes in the CmakeLists.txt the exe has the name bforartists.exe now, and not longer blender.exe. And the change in the creator_launch_win.c file makes the bforartists.exe starting the bforartists-app.exe.
- Changed wm_operators.c in source/blender/windowsmanager/intern. This was to change the links in the splash screen.
- Changed wm_window.c . This changes are responsible for the name in the title bar.
- Changed some paths so that Bforartists not longer works with the Blender settings in the appdata folder. Changed files: GHOST_SystemPathsWin32.cpp in intern\ghost\intern. And environment-macosx, environment-mswindows and environment-unix in /release
- Blender version number changed in the BKE_blender.h file in source\blender\blenkernel

- Changed the standard settings. Changes are:

        - changed the default theme. The Factory Settings theme now shows a blueish standard theme.

        - closed the timeline window at the bottom. When you want to animate then you can pull it bigger again. Or switch to the Animation layout.
        - closed the info window at the top. There was one line still displaying. Somebody who wants to know the commands that gots used last can pull it down again. For normal work this info is useless.
        - opened the properties sidebar. The transform values are of interest.
        - Pulled up the operator field in the tool shelf. Not good when you need to scroll for simple operations, like for adding a cube and modify its settings then.
        - 3d view full layout: there was no way to escape it without to modify the layout again. A classical trapped situation for new users. So i added the info bar at the top, where you can switch between the layouts.
        - pulled the properties / outliner area at the right a bit wider.
        - Removed the standard cube.
        - Lamp and camera are hidden now.
        - Switched from Perspectivic View to Orthographic View. That's usually much better to work with than with the distorting perspective view.
        - 3D View, turned on the manipulator widget, and made all three axis active.

        Changes in the User Preferences:

                - Ticked Prompt Quit. Users can turn this one off when they want.
                - Ticked Rotate around selection. The world pivot as rotation center is not really useful.

                - Ticked Release Confirms.

                - Turned Select with from Right to Left.

                - Unticked Load UI. Nobody really wants the layout from another person. When you really want to then you can turn this one on again.

                - Turned Computer device from None to Cuda. Still have to test this one at my laptop with a Ati card and no cuda.
                - Turned on GPU Mipmap generation.