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    Does anyone have vray?

    A friend of mine did a website for Thea render materials and its doing cr*p, so my idea was to unpack the Thea materials and jjust sell the textures he created, I came up with a batch unpacker for him

    Then I got the idea of adding material files for other renderers and I’ve managed a basic vismat writer

    I know it works in vray4sketchup but I need to see if it works with other plugins if possible and if I have it set right, I never really had a use for vray

    is there a mat viewer or anything?


    Vray in TS is it possible to save/load a vismat or is it just mtl?

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    Hey NigeC,

    Do we talk about Vray4trueSpace here? That’s too long ago, sorry. I have no idea. I haven’t installed tS anymore since years. But i remember that trueSpace had explicit DirectX and VRay materials. And this means the materials are probably saved in the rsscn or a mtl file. The Vray version for trueSpace was a special version too.

    Sorry that i cannot be of bigger help here.

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    I was just wondering if anyone had vray in Max, Blender etc

    Someone has done a modelside version of Truespace with a lot of the plugins and vray is one of them and works.. no idea how, 

    But yeah I gave up on TS about 8 years ago and went to Sketchup


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