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    Hi! As you guys may have seen in the gallery I’m new around here. I thought I’d quickly introduce myself with this post seeing as that there is no dedicated thread for this (you may want to make one though, nudge nudge wink wink).

    I was introduced to bforartists by Draise who I’m sure you all know. Coming from trueSpace, I’ve always been quite reluctant to use Blender because of its somewhat overcomplicated user interface but I’ve been known to use it from time to time because after all it’s a very powerful tool.

    Recently I’ve been using Blender more for my main project “Hyperventila: The Game” which is a space fantasy RPG I’ve been working on for a little over a year now. It’s a top down game with 3D elements, made possible with a custom deferred lighting engine inside Gamemaker Studio which uses normal maps and a shader to calculate the lighting within the game.

    Hyperventila Screenshot

    Blender is great for quickly baking the normal maps and due to the FBX import function I can also import my models without a hassle.

    Recently I’ve also been doing more renders inside Blender using both Eevee and Cycles, some of which I’ve already submitted to the Gallery. I hope you don’t mind that they’re not modelled in Blender, for modelling I still prefer trueSpace.

    Freestyle Experiment

    Freestyle Experiment – Chinese Super MIG

    I’m happy that this project exists, it has made my life with Blender so much easier. I’ll gladly support it and promote it in any way I can.

    That’s it from me!


    – Nemo

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    Hi and welcome :)

    Ah trueSpace. Memories ^^

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    Actually, that’s a great idea! An “introduce yourself” thread in the artist forum – ultimatley it’s all about the artists. I’m stoked to see your work here, and to see you use BFA more, I’m glad the introductions helped a lot. Your renders have gone up in quality quite a bit since!

    Maybe we can showcase your work on the BFA facebook page? Would you like that?


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