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    Is there a way to switch the two windows so the object is on the right?

    That’s how all the regular Blender tutorials are displayed, that I’ve seen so far.  Anything to lessen the confusion…

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    This was a design decision. The 3D layout always at the left. And not one time at the left, and the other time at the right. We should do this for consistency reasons also in the shader editor, it slipped through. But now we have it this long that way that it might confuse our users to change it.

    You can of course switch it. Right click at one of the menus in the header, go to header untick hide editor type menu. And then the Blender menu appears with which you can choose what editor you want to display.

    Or split the window. The new window has the editortype menu showing.


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    You can optionally drag the corner of the editor while holding control/command with LMB (LMB+CTRL) and swap editors to the other. The mouse should change to a black and white square icon.

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