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    I seem to be the target market for bforartists, a wonderful streamlining of blender. I have a need to do some 3d design work for hobby pursuit and previously tried blender years ago and deprioritized it because it was not approachable.  


    About 15 minutes into using this program, this is my first piece of feedback.  

    So far, I have

    -watched an initial tutorial video (Quickstart modeling) (Which seems familiar to other 3d modlers I’ve used)

    -Started following it’s instructions to achieve some test shapes

    -Start trying to intuit my way beyond the video choosing from the wall of things thrown at me by the program

    (I’ve also found the ‘Important Hotkeys’ text)


    Confusion is part of the learning process and it is Ok to have it. Sometimes you hit the wrong button or pick a tool you are unfamiliar with. What would help me utilize this confusion is something in high priority screen estate (top right corner?) that tells me what I just did,,, my last action… (non camera actions). This tool would tell me

    1. What its hotkey is,

    2. What it’s name is,

    3. Show’s me its icon,

    4. Have a popup tooltip explaining what this action does.

    5. Stretchgoal; Dropdown table of the past few actions in same format


    Cause and effect is a great learning tool.  This kind of training wheels ‘What did I do?’ tool that tells me what the cause and the effect that I just witnessed is would go a long way towards helping new users to bforartists establish an intuition about what to do.  


    PS; I know you are trying to keep the interface streamlined.  Even if this is a toggleable feature, it would really help out in the learning curve.

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    I see. But that’s technically not really possible, sorry. What Blender and Bforartists have is the Info Editor where you can read the python terms for the last used operator. Like add a primitive. Or move it.

    You can see this info editor for example in the Scripting layout.

    Kind regards


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    Maybe by creating script with it’s own floating UI library reads the info panel output then conditionally pops up the operator info from that console? Is there a way to watchdog this output? Or is it a closed box just to copy/paste from?



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    I have no idea. Somebody* would have to invest here.

    *Ideally not me :D


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