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    So I’ve been playing with Bforartists and running it in Maya style and I realised that while it works a bit like Maya it misses things such as when you alt-click to move, the cursor doesn’t change appearance like in Maya. This could be a useful visual cue so that people don’t accidentally trigger an action they aren’t expecting.

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    Hi DJMC,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am not sure if we can manage to implement changes of the cursor too. Bforartists focusses at the UI, and this one goes much deeper into the core code than simple UI changes.

    Such deeper changes are best reported directly to Blender first.

    Kind regards


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    Yeah, we tried making the Widget/Cursor change when the mode changed through hotkeys – but it couldn’t poll both modes with one keystroke. One operator takes presidence. Maybe in 2.8 it can be revisited..# I suggest you find a thread or create one in the Rclickselect community.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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