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    Some ideas for BFA

    maybe something from that already is. I do not know about it.

    1.Option – Set as defalt.

    Set as defult settings for primitives, modifires etc.

    Like segment count, check box etc


    2.Scripting panel

    Set Script panel it is kinda work and dont work. need make some manipulation for pull it down


    3.Reseting the Defult etc view.

    Reset view as start up view.

    when I want to return to the original view. to get Defult view i need to restart  BFA.


    4.Change node icon size

    add custom size for icons


    5.Update Importend hotkey for the other views

    Can apper on the other view  with importent hotkeys like in node editor, uv editor etc


    sorry for my english




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    Hi EmilsVfx,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I hope i have understood it correct. You could write it in your mother language, and let Google translate do the job of translating it :)

    1: could you specify what you mean here? I don’t understand it.

    2: The mouse turns into arrows when you are above a border line. Isn’t that enough?

    3: have a look at the header menu. The button left besides the house row is Reset 3D View. And does what you want.

    4: I don’t want to start with maxed icons really, sorry. You can scale it to your needs, and then save the startup file.

    5.Update Importend hotkey for the other views is already planned and a task in the tracker. This will need time though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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