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    ok today i will talk about a not free Shader :

    ONELVXE Studio Shader:


    First of all that is not a free Product and second it runs perfect in Bforartists.

    The Plugin is splitted in some Parts first of all a blend File with tha Shader Node system

    a Plugin what must installed in Preferences and a Libary Blend File for the 100 shader Materials.

    The hole System cost round about 45 $ and in my Eyes every Cent is ok for that Shader Pipeline.

    You can create pysical based materials in such simpel way that you will forget after a few minutes

    that you have pay Money for that system.

    Don´t use the custom startup File, import the Materials from the custem Startup file in to your own startup

    and save than your startup file again.

    At this Time there is no Demo or Trial for Download but here is a Video on Youtube where you can see

    what you will get:


    If you are a professional in Blenders Node system and you can make easy your own Materials (Pysical Based Cycles Shader)

    than take a real closer look to the Site and the Video as if you realy need it , but if you like me not the shader God take a closer look

    to that great Material System.

    When you know or own Substance Painter or the Substance Designer you know what you can do with that shader sytem.



    PS that is not my Software and i get nothing for that post ;-) 

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