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    We usually release a new version when we either have something big finished, or when a new Blender version is ready. But the waiting for the long announced Blender version 2.79a lasts already ways too long. It was once announced for the beginning of december. Then christmas. And the latest date, wednesday, passed also by without a release.

    Well, it doesn’t make sense to release a new Bforartists version when Blender 2.79a is nearly finished. And so we decided to establish a permanent developer build. To give you as the user a way to have a look at what will come with the next official Bforartists release. To play around with the newest changes. And to have an up to date version for bug hunting and feedback.

    It can be found in the Downloads section. https://www.bforartists.de/content/download#devbuild

    The developer build is an actual development snapshot. It is Windows only, only available as a zip file, and it is undocumented, besides the entries at Github and the as solved marked issues in the tracker. The developer build will be updated regularly. But don’t expect daily builds here. It can easily happen that you will not see it updated for weeks. When we for example develop a feature in a branch. The developer build is from the Master.

    The usual warnings: Use at own risk. The dev build is not meant for productive useage. It can be unstable. And there may be broken or missing features. Please report them when you find something.

    Note also that there is no version hint in the developer build. It shows the splashscreen and version number from the last official release when you start it. The folder name shows you the creation date. The newer, the more actual.

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