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    Since i am newly member here and dont know where to post or even a self introduction thread here is nothing found. But basically i am here because i am looking for list of gaming tools to add it on my site. https://mobilegamegraphics.com/tools/ here is the tools that i’ve already compiled but i felt that i really need to add more tools for game building and tutorial tools for biginners. Then maybe if you know some of the usefull site that i can add it on my site. Then you can share it on the comment area so i can review it if the site that you are suggesting is applicable to my site then i can really ad it.





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    Moved to the general user forum since the Developer area is for developing Bforartists ;)

    Hi Alex,

    Welcome aboard :)

    Not sure what you want to achieve with your page. A google search at the topic makes much more sense. Since such a software list like at your page becomes quickly outdatet. And / or contains a too limited software list or lots of exotic software that nearly nobody uses.

    But for the sake, let’s list a few graphics software. Note that this list is also already outdated here and there:

    Free 3D Software

    3D Crafter – Polygonmodeler

    Anim8or – Outdated. was once popular.

    Arbaro – Tree Generator

    Autodesk 123D – Suite of four little applications

    Art of Illusion – 3D Modeler, Renderer, Raytracer

    Blender – Must have when you are short of money

    DAZ Studio – A 3d showroom

    K-3D – 3D Modeling and Animationsoftware

    MakeHuman – Create human characters

    Meshlab – Clean up 3D Scans.

    Meshmixer – Sculpting and mesh mixing tool

    OpenTeddy – Freiform – Sketch – basierter 3D Modeler

    Sculptris – Sculptmodeler

    SketchUp – Polygonmodeler, specialized at architectural stuff

    Terragen Free Edition – Landscape generator

    TreeD – Tree Generator

    trueSpace – Complete 3D suite. Not longer developed since spring 2009

    Wings3D – Polygonmodeler

    Xnormal – Bakes Normalmaps, AO and Displacement. Texturprojection from Highpoly to Lowpoly.

    Commercial 3D Software

    DAZ – Bryce – Landscape generator. Low Budget

    DAZ – Hexagon – Polygonmodeler. Low Budget

    3D Coat – Voxel Sculpter with Retopo and Texture Painting / Unwrapping

    3D Crafter Plus / Pro – Polygonmodeler

    AC3D – Poylgonmodeler

    Autodesk 3D Studio Max – Complete 3D Package

    Autodesk Maya – Complete 3D Package

    Autodesk MotionBuilder – Character Animation

    Autodesk Mudbox – Sculpt Modele

    Amorphium – 3D Modeling and Animations Package

    Curvy3D – Sculptmodeler

    Cinema4D – Complete 3D Package

    DAZ – Carrara – Complete 3D Package

    DeleD Pro – Polygonmodeler

    Hash Animation Master – Character Animation

    Houdini – Complete 3D Package

    LightWave 3D – Complete 3D Package

    Marvellous Designer – 3D clothing

    MilkShape 3D – Modeling and animation. Heavily outdated. But lots of working im- and export formats.

    Modo – Complete 3D Package

    Poser – 3D showroom

    Realsoft 3D – Complete 3D Package

    Rhino3D – Nurbs Modeler

    Silo – Polygonmodeler

    SketchUp Pro – Polygonmodeler

    Strata 3D – 3D Tools

    Terragen – Landscape generator and renderer

    Topogun – Retopologytool

    Vue – Landscape generator and renderer

    ZBrush – Sculptmodeler

    netfabb – 3D Printing

    FreeTexturing and Unwrap Tools

    Roadkill – Unwrapper

    UV Mapper Classic – Unwrapper

    Commercial Texturing and Unwrap Tools

    Blacksmith 3D Suite – 3D paint, morph, sculpt

    Headus UV Layout – Unwrapper

    Mari – 3D Painting

    Ultimate Unwrap 3D – Unwrapper

    Unfold 3D – Unwrapper

    UV Mapper Pro – Unwrapper

    Polygonreduktion Software

    Atangeo Balancer – Polygonreduction

    Polygon Cruncher – Polygonreduction

    Free 2D Software

    Allegorithmic Mapzone – Texture generator

    ArtRage – Digital-Painting

    Gimp – Graphics software

    GraphicsGale – Pixelprogramm

    Inkscape – Vektorzeichenprogramm

    Krita – Zur Zeit einziges Open Source Grafikprogramm das 16 Bit pro Channel kann. Linux / Windows.

    Mypaint – Digital-Painting

    Paint.NET – Graphics software

    Pinta – Graphics software

    PhotoPlus Freeware – Graphics software

    Ultimate Paint – Graphics software

    PaintTool SAI – Graphics software

    Commercial 2D Software

    Adobe Illustrator – Vektorzeichenprogramm

    Adobe Photoshop – Grafikprogramm

    Allegorithmic Substance Designer – Texturgenerator

    Autodesk Alias – Sketching, modeling, surfacing

    Corel DRAW – Graphics software

    Corel Paint Shop Pro – Grafikprogramm

    Corel Painter – Digital-Painting

    PhotoFiltre – Graphics software

    PhotoLine – Graphics software

    PhotoPlus – Graphics software

    PhotoStudio – Graphics software

    Clip Studio Paint – Graphics software for Manga, Illustration and Animation

    Free 2D Animation Software

    Synfig Studio – 2D Animationsuite. Open Source

    Commercial 2D Animation Software

    CACANi – 2D Animationssuite

    Toon Bloom – 2D Animationssuite

    Anime Studio – 2D Animationssuite

    Compositing, Post Produktion + Tracking

    Natron – Digital Compositing, Open Source Nuke Clone

    Nuke – Digital Compositing. There is a free and a commercial version

    Fusion – Digital Compositing. Digital Compositing. There is a free and a commercial version

    After Effects – Post Production

    Mocha – Tracking / Post Production

    Flame – High-end 3D visual effects software

    Smoke – Video Editing auf dem Mac

    Katana – Post Production. Industry standard

    HDR Software

    Photogenics – HDR

    hdrshop – HDR

    Miscellaneous 3D

    Mixamo – Online Rigging Service and Character creation

    Virtualrig – Blursoftware for Motionblur, at cars for example

    Model File Format Konverter

    Deep Exploration – Classical File Format converter

    Polytrans – Classical File Format converter

    Open 3D Model Viewer – File Format converter. Uses Assimp.



    Note that Bforartists is still in development. So not sure if it should be listed at such a software list at the moment.

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    Thank you for the response and also for the list. Yes agreed that google is a very usefull way to find this list. But it’s really takes time to find the list which is one place. So basically if i will used google then i really need to waste a time to click one by one from the first to top 100. Well i am looking for a site with high traffic source then will attach it to my site. So that can also generate a traffic from the organic search or maybe providing my ecommerce site visible to the google.

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    I understand the idea and reasoning behind too good. I had such a link list at my tileset page also for a pretty while. The problem is, nobody will find your list. Because your page is unknown, and far far away from the top 100 google ranking. More below 100.000 or so. And to attract users with such a link list will not work. Let’s assume for a moment they really find your page. Then they will visit once or twice, and then they are gone again. You will not generate lots of traffic that way. Which means the page will stay unknown, and people will not find it because it is unknown.

    Where imho such a list makes sense is a somehow bigger community page where people regularly asks for what software to use. That’s where my list comes from. I’m the admin of a german 3D community page. I remember also Gamedev.net has such a list in the graphics section in the forums: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/202348-3d–2d-software-information-check-here/

    Anyways. Good luck with your link list :)

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