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    hello guys I hope you are doing well, congrats to the new release and thanks so much for your work. Where can I find hotkey for Beautifill also need to know on what menu is it, since in blender standard hotkey is alt + f. thanks and greets

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    Hi kentan,

    We don’t have a beautyfill tool. Do you mean beautify faces? That’s in edit mode in the faces menu.

    We don’ thave a hotkey for this tool. The philosophy behind Bforartists is to have a reduced standard keymap so that the user has enough free hotkeys left to choose its own hotkeys where required. But you could use the Blender keymap.

    Kind regards



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    No I was actually looking for Fill, I was misleading the tool so it was Fill instead of Beautify faces. I just didnt know what was the alt + f tool in boforartists. Well I used the bforartists keymaps with this since its much better. I just dont like the Blender keymaps. thank you

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