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    1 – Is there a way to donate to the project?

    2 – I am a Graphic Designer… can i be of help? if yes how?

    3 – Is there a discord server or similar?

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    Hi kei,

    And welcome. Helping hands are always welcome 🙂

    We are completely volunteer driven. There is no money involved. You can donate time with helping at the code base or the documentation.

    Or you could help to make Bforartists more known. By creating some text tutorials or Youtube tutorials. Or by spreading the word. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, making news articles, etc. . For that you don’t need to be a developer at all.

    When you want to donate graphics, we are always in need of new splash screens. You could also have a look if you find some icons to improve.

    The discord server is linked in the Support menu. Or simply click here: https://discord.com/invite/yKuR77v

    But note that i personally am not around there. I prefer to put my time into the project instead. The way to communicate with me is by mail or pm, here in the forum, or by creating tracker issues.

    Kind regards


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    Welcome! Yeah, I started out as a 3D artist, learned a little about compiling and just recently started making an addon. I now know how to kungfu. I’ve done a handful of commits! So proud, but it’s nothing compared to Reiner. I do frequent the Discord often, and admin it there, usually posting any relevant feedback to the tracker, and vice versa. I also have the twitter and facebook running and admin those also. I should be more frequent with the posts and updates – we do have the promotional material on a git also.

    As Reiner said, making graphics, images, or publicity would really help the project. I’d be more than happy to spread it around.



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    “helping at the code base or the documentation”

    I cant code… but i can be useful on the documentation side, i went through them… and found some things that can be improved:

    Problem: Piles of dense text that can benefit from a clear way to visually navigate through.


    •  More compact organization and improved text formatting.
    •  Condensing information by eliminating wasted white space.
    •  Organization design based on blocks: Where each subject gets its own Block… like a parent-children relationship.

    Goal : to help the reader visually navigate through the provided information.

    I will start studying this and working on a proposal. – ETA 2 Weeks


    “we are always in need of new splash screens”

    I will think of a design expressive of Bforsrtist’s philosophy.

    But main focus will be on the docs for now…


    “You could also have a look if you find some icons to improve.”

    Is there a template, color palette, workflow available?

    If yes… I could rely on them to keep consistency…


    Also i am proficient in music production and mixing… i can be useful in:

    • Mixing sound and vocal treatment of tutorial videos or podcasts
    • Background music and sound effects

    If i can be useful on that front let me know :good:

    I work full time and i am on my final year of university… progress will be slow but dedicated 😉

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    Hey kei,

    Thanks for the offer.

    I fear music is not required in this project. Else i would have incorporated some of my songs too ^^

    Yes you can. As told, every helping hand is welcome. You can at any point assign yourself at an existing tracker issue, and try to solve it. We are not short of ideas. We mainly miss the man power. But own ideas are of course also welcome. Only thing then is, the change that you want to do must make sense and fit into the Bforartists direction. And we need to talk about it beforehand. Communication is vital 🙂

    So please make a mockup first so that we can talk about the changes in question. And please make a tracker issue in the manual tracker for the manual issues, and in the code tracker for changes at the icons. And for commits i would need your Github user name then to give you commit rights. Please note that we have three repositories. One for the code, one for the manual, and a file repository. Here you can also find the raw files for the icons.

    Tracker for the code repository: https://github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/issues

    Tracker for the manual repository: https://github.com/Bforartists/Manual/issues

    File repository, contains also the icons: https://github.com/Bforartists/files

    And the used palette is one of the Gimp standard palettes. Visibone 336


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    Welcome Kei glad that you are an other member of BforArtists. Me also i am glad to contribute into BforArtists i have spoken about it on some forums i am onto. Since the start of march i have spoken about it on some forum, the infos about my free pdf guide already has reachead near 13,000 views. This guide i have created is a free none official basic bforartists pdf guide at:


    There is much for me to know as doing some animations, maybe even create some game characters. There is much to know about rigging, bones sculpting, etc. I found BforArtists more mouse clicks and more user friendly. I even think maybe create some kind of colored poster all paid by my self, if my friend want that i put it at her hair beauty salon; that has some local place near some university. Putting the logo on it, of course respecting the logo and the name; with just great words. Something eye catchy and great words as example: BforArtists is a great free 3D modeling software for any purpose. Well i’ll figure out something to promote more BforArtists.


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